• Epidaure (Epidaurus) * Ἐπίδαυρος

    I remember the park beside with the pines and their very long light green thorns : these pines smell like soap, especially when it's hot, the odour fill your breathe.



    Epidaure (Epidaurus) * Ἐπίδαυρος


                      Here, you see, and as often when you are at the top of greek theaters, the nature around seems to be the jewels case of the theater.


    When I was in Athens, I booked a ticket to see a play at night in the theater of Epidavros (between 14.000 and 15.000 seats).   It was an Aristophanes' play that I didn't know. Even if I didn't understand a word because it was all in greek (I am not good enough in that language to understand a play), the comic of the stage and of the characters helped me and I laughed. Some people around me explained some things to lead me laughing with them.

    The scenery was made of big paintings of pinus.

    Epidaure (Epidaurus) * ἘπίδαυροςThe costums (with the masks) were roughly modeled on antic ones. Some actors were wearing t-shirts with a big pinus on it.



    So... easy to understand that


    the pinus





    the play.


    But well, the name of the play is "Eκκλησιαζουδες" = The Assembly of women".

    It's a critic of the new administration of Athens at the time of Aristophanes. Women change the rules of the City while men are still sleeping, to save the world...


    Epidaure (Epidaurus) * Ἐπίδαυρος


    Epidaure (Epidaurus) * Ἐπίδαυρος


    Aristophane :

    (L'Assemblée des femmes),
     directed by Philip Hedley



    History of ancient greek th
    Don't ever kill a goat, it will shout bring out a tragedy! Litteraly tragedy means "the song of the goat" : τράγος-tragos: goat, ωδή-odi : ode. A goat was sacrified before the beginning of each theater performance for Dionysos, god of wine and extacy.
    In Spanish "tragos dia" is a day drink (or a day for drinks) !

    Epidaure (Epidaurus) * Ἐπίδαυρος

    I prefer in Spanish, baaa!


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