• Le Pasok est passé (Législatives en Grèce)

    "Le Pasok remporte de 39,5 à 44 % des voix, selon les sondages de sept instituts grecs, diffusés par les chaines de télévision privées Méga et Skai. Cela lui assurerait une majorité absolue au parlement, de 151 à 159 sièges sur 300." (L'Express)

    à suivre...

    *Le PASOK est en fait le parti socialiste grec.
    Score des cocos* pas KO et cafard des concurrents qui capotent.


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    PASOK (wikipedia français / english wikipedia)

    « Constantin Cavafis : La vitrine du bureau de tabacLe Pasok destoke les voix (législatives en Grèce, fin) »
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    Lundi 5 Octobre 2009 à 12:00
    Coconuts and Cockroaches?  hahah
    I haven't really understood what you wrote.

    I did not expect PASOK to win the elections with such a huge difference from N.D.

    Et oui... c'est ne PAS OK ! (pour moi)

    If the new socialist government is going to be better than the right-wing one, remains to be seen. Let's hope so
    Mardi 6 Octobre 2009 à 19:21
    Yes it's quite that... "coco" is the short word for "communist" in french. "To have the cockroache" means to be sad in French.
    I didn't have the time to think about a translation with the same alliterations but anyway you felt it with coco and cockroaches...

    By the way, do socialists sometimes have "friendship elections" with ecologists, dealing with them to make one party ? It often happens in France (we call it unity Green-rose-red if communists-red- join them).

    Mardi 6 Octobre 2009 à 19:43
    Hi :) thanks for the lesson on french idioms.


    No, the major parties here have never worked together. The only notable exception the past few years has been the liaison of the left parties in one. the "biggest"of them was called Synaspismos. Now the new hybrid, is called SYRIZA http://www.syriza.gr and it gained 4,6% in this election- while their big adversary, the Communist party received a 7,5%

    Actually, today the Ecologists denied Pasok's invitation to join them in the Government, and award their President Mr Hrisogelos the Ministry of Environment. The Ecologists (with a 2,5% in this election) have not managed to have a single one representative in the Parliament, because of the election law which prohibits any party to join the parliament if their percentage is below 3%.

    Personally I am not satisfied with the synthesis of the new Socialist Government as announced. A lot of the Ministers or their replacements are really unreliable as politicians- like Magriotis (he really sucks), Diamantopoulou (she's been responsible for the Olympics 2004 fiasco) and Gerekou (she's an actress, what the hell ?).
    Jeudi 8 Octobre 2009 à 15:53
    Syriza sur le gâteau... (syriza sounds like "cerise" = cherry ... on the cake -or the cat -gateau sounds like gato- as you want. "Cherry on the cake" means the top of all, covering all-roughly).

    Sometimes we have the same problems of representation in our parliament too, it depends on the kind of elections.

    I didn't know that the Olympic games were a fiasco in Greece, what happened ?
    What did Magriotis? Is he a cheater (like all politicians) or a mafioso like... hmmm... a lot of them ?
    Did Papandreou have problems with justice too ? I remember something like a scandal in Greece touching socialists but I don't remember which...
    And do you mean Gerekou doesn't fit the job only because she is an actress or also because she is stupid (Melina Mercouri was an actress and became a minister too, so...)?
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